Capitol one credit card consolidating

We have been trying to pay our credit card account for the over 5 month. We reported the information to Capital One on many occasions. I've been trying to get them to stop sending their weekly scam offers with 24.99% interest. It's just a scam, you only get .01 per point so 55000 miles is 0. Run as fast as you can if you get an offer from them. I then called Capital One and the woman told me that I could place a block on my account and within 7 days, I can get a new card!We went to several branches in Montgomery County Maryland and DC. Are they complete idiots or they just don't care about people anymore? Any other plan, such as American Airlines 55000 miles gets you to Cathay Pacific roundtrip on Business Class. I cannot believe Jennifer Garner and others are supporting this crooked company! And just like she said 7 days later, my new Capital One Quicksilver with a new account number was in my mailbox! Anyway, my cc situation started some years ago when Capitol One,of which I have two accounts,changed my due date for my payment and I didn’t realize it until it was too late. So I was forced to look to consolidate with a loan from Citifinancial with a somewhat of a high interest rate due to the fact of what Cap. I have a Mortgage w/ Bank of America and a Equity loan with them as well.They had already raised my rate and added their service charges. I am current on everything at present but it is getting harder to stay there.I've actually tried this method before, and they called my bluff. ", I shrieked to the customer service rep 2 years ago. Mind you, I wasn't making much money at the time, but still, maybe the bank has a little note on my file that says "Ignore requests for lower interest rate - she can't get one. While most fees used to be 3% of the transferred balance, up to a cap of to , many card issuers have eliminated the cap.So on a ,000 transfer, you'd be hit with a 0 charge. is that most consumers probably won't realize there's no maximum fee because it's completely absent in the fine print.

If you are still current and your credit score is above 660 you might want to look at Lending for a lower fixed rate unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Capital One only requires that new cardholders put down a cash deposit (explained in the video below). If you become delinquent, the credit card issuer can use the deposit against the amount you owe.

But if you pay your balance in full, this security deposit is fully refundable upon account closure.

The Capital One Secured Master Card reports borrowing activity and builds credit just like other cards.

But with a cash deposit, even applicants with poor credit can get approved for this card.


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