Cost standard system updating

BMW System Map Updates bring drivers more roads, addresses and Points of Interest.

By updating your system often, you'll always know the road ahead.

BMW System Map Updates place the most reliable data at your fingertips, getting you from Point A to Point B faster, safer and more easily.

BMW System Map Updates help you navigate the road ahead with these features: Improve the performance of your BMW i Drive system with regular map updates.

You have three options for running this process: Displays the impact of the standard change without actually updating the costs and posting revaluation entries.

Running this process in report-only mode gives you a preview of the financial impact of the standards change without affecting the current transaction costing or inventory valuation.

For a larger home, or a house with restricted access to a crawlspace and exterior walls, the cost may reach ,000 and more for labor and materials.

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For instance, freight is subject to potentially significant variations due to factors such as the carrier or the quantities being ordered. If the cost of procuring or producing a product has changed since the standard cost was last modified, inventory will be misstated accordingly. Maintain a “standard-to-actual” reserve in the balance sheet.

BMW recommends that you update your maps twice a year, or at least annually.

You can purchase new system map updates at your local BMW Center or online.

Being regularly involved in consulting and auditing manufacturing and distribution companies, I have become accustomed to dealing with “standard cost” accounting for inventory.

While it’s commonplace for manufacturing and distribution companies to use standard cost to value their inventories, many may not realize that if they are not regularly reviewing and updating their costs, they may create problems in accounting (especially at year-end) and/or miss opportunities for improvement and cost savings.


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